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Link Building is one of the important topics in terms of top ranking our internet site.Unfortunately, these types of subjects are not school, so we sometimes need to learn by trial and error. Or we should try and benefit from the experiences of those who were wrong.

With Link Building, it is possible to find thousands of sources on the internet. Some of these are tools that really work and some are resources that do not work in the style we can call garbage. If you look at the Turkish sources, you will not pass the fingers of two hands.

I’ve been trying to make a  Link Building Resources List as  extensive as possible. I use some of them, I follow them, and I hope that it will be beneficial to you. Let’s start.

Google Algorithm Exchanges

Google is doing 500 algorithm changes in 1 year. We do not realize a part of them we are aware of. There are 250 algorithms that we know and can list. I hope to write a large article about these 250 algorithms. The programs / tools provided by 3rd party companies help us to understand Google Algorithm changes. With these tools, we can notice the changes in the algorithm through hundreds of different search results. The programs / tools offered by the party companies are helping us. With these tools, we are able to notice the changes in the algorithm through hundreds of different search results. The programs / tools offered by the party companies are helping us. With these tools, we are able to notice the changes in the algorithm through hundreds of different search results.

Tools When

searching on the Internet you can find hundreds of tools related to link building. But most of them are used for analytical purposes. You need to use different methods to create quality links. The most important issue that we need to know about quality link is human-generated links, ie links created by any automation system or by means of robots.

Backlink tools are the basic tools that  every SEO specialist or site owner should use. These tools are very useful in analyzing the site.

Social Tools
Social Tools is the most important means of link building. If you are running a  link building campaign  , social tools will continue to help us from the beginning to the end. Nevertheless, we still have to use social tools to kill time.
Link Prospecting Tools
I do not know why Link prospecting is exactly in Turkish but it is possible to explain it as  link enrichment  or link guide. When we look at the Turkish Language Institution, the link turns out to be a challenge. In this type of vehicles we will actually use our tools to analyze both our own site and competing sites.
Site Analysis
Statistical data about our internet site is increasing every day. Google Analytics  is one of the leading centers in this area. However, there are many more sources available. We must have a screen where we can see statistical data to measure the performance of our site.
Rank Tracker
In fact, links provide us with a lot of data: number of visitors, branding, visibility, order. The search order on your internet site is something you should always follow. I see almost every day that my internet sites rank on Google. The following  Rank Tracker tools are also tools  that can help you rank your site.
If you are using WordPress, you already have many SEO and link building plugins. We also wanted to share with you a couple of useful add-ons.
I use firefox and chrome, and my browsers have plugins for seo and link building. Occasionally it causes the internet browser to slow down, but you have to use these extensions to see instant data.
I could not possibly warm up on the subject of social media. Many authorities view social media as the sole and only source for success, but social media has always come with GMOs. If I have time, I would like to go to a social media specialization course and solve this event.
E-mail is one of the easiest ways to reach people. If you have an internet site, you should encourage your visitors to register to the mail list. Also having a mailing list is one of the key ways to earn money on the internet. If you are  thinking about buying a house by opening a site, I think the best way to get a house by opening a site is to follow Google’s rules and create a mailing list like a man.
Link building and SEO are  such a thing; Even now this writing is changing even when writing. Google is always updating its search algorithm. What we accepted yesterday as true can be wrong today and even cause Google to lose it. That’s why you have to be a strict follower of Link building and SEO news. If you miss a tip of the rope, it’s hard to get it back together again.
 There are many blogs that may be related to Link building . It is necessary to follow these blogs in terms of seeing the advances and developments. Personally, I follow the majority.
I’m not good at communities here. I do not follow any community but try not to follow link building societies which I will give below.
Effective People
We all know Matt Cutts now. Matt Cutts and many others like him will help us with our link building strategies. If it is permissible to be close to people on this griddle.
Link Building Tactics 
There is almost infinite number of methods we can use to build Link. Using your own creativity is very important here. Below you will see the proven  Link Building Tactics in the  list. Also broken links are one of the most popular sources for building links. No need to create any content, effective and relatively easy.
Guest Posting (Guest Post / Makalesi)
The color of Google’s Guest Posting is now clear:  red . For many years, webmasters have used the Guest Posting thing as well as some who used it badly, but now Google has announced that it will evaluate Guest Posting as spam. I think, however, that the fields can be narrowed down, spelled out in depth.
Link Isolation
We usually do not write your scripts, and my publications, and we never even look back. Just as if we are taking care of our car at certain times, we need to spend our internet site for a certain period of time in a retrospective manner.
Mention Monitoring
Another thing to watch on your own internet site is another thing to watch internet. Link building with mentions can be both practical and fast. In fact, the concept is very simple: you are talking about a site, a site, a blog, etc., then the other site is talking about you, your product, your blog etc, and this loop continues forever.
Link Building Resources 
The following link building resources may also be useful I wanted to share with you with the thought.
I do not know very much about the Infographic’s visit to Turkey’s internet. In particular, there has been a sector abroad. Although I do not encounter many English infographs every day, I do not see much in Turkish. Infographic can actually become a sector in Turkey and a business can be a winner. We are following again, vesselam.
Picture Link Building
Not to mention Link building and mention pictures. Almost all of us do not pay much attention to pictures, including myself. However, in 1000 words we can describe a situation better with a single square picture. You have to observe
If you do not analyze your competitors, never tried in vain to leave these jobs. Competitor analysis is the point of reference for SEO and Link building. It is absolutely necessary to do a competitive analysis before starting any link campaign.
Everyone wants to buy gifts and everyone is interested in free stuff. You can try giving gifts from your website. It is an effective link construction.
It’s been used for many years. Links from an education site are said to have an upward effect on search rankings. But every edu link may not benefit your site. Below you will find effective edu link building tactics.
Education Videos
Humor / Joke



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