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Our job is helping your business thrive in the search engines. SEO is the art or science of gaining top search engine placement for relevant keyword phrases through making search engines believe your site is more relevant than your competition’s websites. We do the best that we can with classic SEO,and all that we hear from the search engines. Some SEO steps are time-consuming and expensive. Long-term link building requires significant expense in both time and money. The cost of effective SEO can sometimes be as low as $250 $500 to $1,000 and it can cost $10,000 a moth depending on how niche or competitive your field is.We have a budget link building service that focuses specifically on building links. We try the best that we possibly can to match what you can afford with our least expensive jobs.But like anything else,when you start growing you can always upgrade to a higher quality job that we provide.



THE LOCAL SEARCH SERENITY PRAYER By Meghan Trapp, Local Search Director, B² Interactive Everyone wants free traffic from Google’s local search pack, but actually ranking there is increasingly competitive. If you’re one of the lucky ones to appear, searchers must look past the four paid ads at the top of search results and occasionally past […]

Does Google hate SEO?

Google Hates SEO? A lot of you reading this blog are into SEO. Chances are, you are new and still learning about it. You’ve most likely come across different content that contradict each other. “Is SEO bad?” Some articles say Yes and some, No. “Is link building bad?” Some articles say Yes and some, No. […]

Google Plans Stricter Ad Safeguards

Plans announced after ads from world’s biggest brands appear next to extremist content Brands don’t want their ads to appear near extremist content. Yet recently, that’s exactly what happened. Last week, global companies—including Mercedes-Benz and McDonald’s—found their ads next to controversial content on Google properties like YouTube. And this has caused quite a stir in […]

Create A Powerful And Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

A Strategic Approach To Creating A Powerful And Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Tony Adam Founder and CEO of Visible Factors, a digital marketing agency that has worked with the likes of Ticketmaster, LUXE, and many more. Planning and budgeting are important parts of every marketing team’s work. And for digital marketing teams, creating a strategy and […]

How to craft a new digital identity for your brand

Redesigning a website – How to craft a new digital identity for your brand Redesigning a website is a big undertaking.  No one will dispute that.  There are developers and project managers and your internal team.  Plus partners, and family members, and mentors.  People have different ideas- sometimes people agree, sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes everyone agrees […]

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