2017 Detailed Seo Check List

2017 Detailed Seo Check List

Seo is one of the most important processes to determine and follow the work done in the projects.
We have compiled the necessary checklist for the year 2017 when an Seo service is provided.

The titles of the SEO checklist

  1. What are your strategic goals?
  2. Keyword Analysis
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Technical Analysis
  5. Page Level Analysis
  6. Content Analysis
  7. User Experience Analysis

What is SEO Checklist?

The checklist can identify adverse events that you may experience in search results, so we can quickly take action to resolve the issue.

Any technical regulation may lose its update over time, may not be compatible with the newly developed algorithm, and therefore projects should be pursued in a continuous control mechanism.

When should the Checklist be done?

In a new Seo project, process planning should be done in line with a specific strategy and all the details required to be done should be clearly defined.

For this reason, doing this work at the beginning of the project will make the process more healthier.

However, it is a very important issue to keep track of the relevant regulations in certain periods rather than just one time.

1 – Creating a Goal

The first step in the beginning of the project Determining which direction Seo works will be one of the most important issues.

We need to build our word-based & visitor-based goals.

Seo is a tool for achieving success, you can grow with the transaction volume of an e-commerce site Seo, and you can make your products reach a wider audience.

Goals can go through different variations, some examples below.

  • Achieve target keywords within 6 months (In this point, options must be created, ranking guarantee is never a realistic approach, so we can process the works with a percentage of success in the target keywords)
  • The number of organic visitors to the web site will increase by 30% after 6 months
  • The Internet site should be able to reach 40% of the visitor potential in the sector after analyzing the search volumes of the target keywords in the sector
  • The key point to note when setting targets is that the factors that may pose a risk in the study are well analyzed.

If the project is going to be in a situation involving ‘Domain Name Migration – Software Replacement’ processes, it should be kept in mind that there may be situations where the processes are expansive and require different actions.

2 – Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is one of the most critical points of our process. First, check whether the website is valid by examining the existing keywords.

It is very difficult for us to be ranked in the content of the website and in the keywords that are not suitable for the sector, so choosing the wrong keyword can cause you to enter a situation that can negatively affect the progress of the progess in the future.

In addition to the work done on prestige keywords that have a high competition rate, the competition rate is low and the key words that we can make faster in order are needed to be determined.

I want to give a simple example at this point.

The word ‘holiday’ is one of the most prestigious keywords in the tourism industry and it is very difficult for a new internet site to appear in search results in a short time.

It also includes a general search.

However, a user who searches for ‘Gumbet Hotels’ has decided to make a holiday, aims to make a holiday in Bodrum and Gumbet region, has a potential to make a reservation which is closer to the ‘Holiday’ word.

For this reason, it will be a more sensible strategy to focus our focus on the key words on which we can get good returns.

The first thing that we have seen in the first place that we have examined the sites in the first place in the key words known by everyone in the sector; These sites are authoritative sites, it will be challenging to compete on a new site with sites that have many backlinks that are long-lived publications and have certain credibility on the Google side.

The most critical process of keyword work, your competitors are well-known.

3 –

Competitor Analysis Leading analysis with competitive analysis

Competitive power in your target keywords We can learn from what types of sites backlinks of competitive sites that
what keywords are aiming to pop up in the top rankings, and which words the potential visitors
are trying to achieve.
We must compare the list you created after keyword analysis with the choices of competing sites.

From this point on, we will be able to see more clearly whether your keyword choice is ‘Narrow’ or ‘Broad’.

A lot of different studies can be done to understand how authoritative sites of our web sites are, I will present one of the simplest examples at this point.

Domain Authority!

One of the most successful tools in the global sense among the Seo tools, Moz and Internet sites can learn the Domain Authority and Page Authority scores.

Internet Sites and Authority Scores included in book search results;

Among the Internet sites in the sequence, all other sites except “Book Yurdu” are category based results.

Even though D & R PA (page authority) is better than idefix site, domain name authority is better at idefix. The Domain Authority and the Page Authority actually form a co-ordinated profile.

When we position our first goal in the project through ‘Book’, the Domain Authority will take a very long time to be among our high competitors, as seen in the graphic, the sites below the Domain Authority do not appear in the results. It is very important to set priorities as mentioned.

At this point, you should not be able to examine the back link profile of competing internet sites, as this is a publicly known work in general, so I do not get too much into it, you can make Backlink profile via tools like Majesticseo, aHrefs.
The most important tool to help us in the analysis of competitors is ‘Semrush’.

Semrush learns which keywords we are competing with on our sites and how often we search for those keywords.

After logging in to Semrush, you will be in a private room of the internet site when you type in the name of the relevant Internet site and enter Organic Research> Positions.

At this point you can find low keyword phrases, low competition but low traffic rates.

Competitor analysis is a very detailed and important step, and we will be providing more detailed information on competitor analysis in our progressive articles.

4 – Beginning of Technical Studies Technical

Seo is to identify the problems that cause loss of ranking in search engines and increase the user experience. Seeking to

be the biggest assistant in this point, we have a lot of Paid / Free analysis tools that will save a great amount of time.

A – Speed ​​Analysis

One of the first things to be considered within the site is the speed with which the site is opened.

A slow-paced site is a critical issue for both the user and the search engines.

For speed analysis we can use tools like PageSpped Insights and Pingdom.

These resources will inform us of the details that reduce the opening performance of our site and we will quickly learn how to do our speed-up efforts in this direction.

B – Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is one of the most important issues. Every day, we see that the flow of the user-provided computer is gradually shifting towards the mobile part. Pagespeed

If your internet site is not mobile compatible, I can use a clear statement on your internet site.

Recent Google updates have also added ‘Mobile Compatible’ to the results of mobile searches, giving clear clues that mobile versions will be a higher priority as a search criterion.

For this reason your internet site must be mobile-friendly and the user must have a focused interface. The user who visits the page via mobile device should be able to provide quick access to the areas he wants to reach.

You can test mobile compatibility at https://search.google.com/search-con…obile-friendly.

C – Referrals

Referrals made within the site are one of the most error-prone topics.


We need to know exactly what routing protocol to use when.

301 Routing:
302 Routing for a permanently closed URL: It should be preferred for the URL that can be temporarily closed and reopened in the future.
Also, if you try to log in to your site with different versions (without HTTP, HTTPS), these pages should be redirected, otherwise the Copy page will appear.

D – Index and Indexing


We may block URLs that we do not want Google to access via robots.txt. The robots.txt file is an area where we specify which pages are not indexed for search bots.

For more information on robots robots.txt, please visit https://support.google.com/webmaster…/6062596?hl=en.

Sitemap A

sitemap must be created in a structure that enhances page indexing and is passed through page prioritization and should be added through Search Console.

E – Duplicate Content Problem

Every page of your internet site should consist of its own Meta and contents.

The most common problem with e-commerce sites is Duplicate Metadata

. The Title & Description sections of your Duplicate Pages should be page-based and the content on the page should only be on that page.



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