Russians stripped ɢ domain

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February 13, 2017
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February 20, 2017

Russians stripped ɢ domain


In early February, Google required to deal with the domain ɢ, registered in the name of the Russians Vitaly Popov. Then search company accused Popov mass spamming and collect users’ personal information. Domain has become the cause of conflict, it redirects the user to another site.

As reported by “RBC” with reference to Popov, the Russian citizen was deprived of the rights to the domain ɢ after Google complaint.

«Google Inc. falsely attributed to me to spread malware, phishing, to which neither I nor my domain does not have any relation, and which redirects your domain (no g in the beginning and do with my not connected), another American corporation – Arctic LLC, the Blue », – said Popov.

The decision on the deprivation of the right to take legal organization to resolve disputes National Arbitration Forum Inc.

When the conflict flared up only, Popov argued that does not send emails that are spam according to US law.Also, according to him, no evidence of his illegal actions were not provided.

Google News service, in turn, declined to comment.

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